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Traffic Ticket

Traffic Tickets can be very expensive and result in you having to pay for and attend traffic school and leave points on your driving record.  Points on your driving record can affect your Driver’s License and how much you pay for car insurance.  Mr. Barrus can avoid traffic school and points on your record in most cases. He can also save you $$$ on court fines and appear at court so you don’t have to take time off from work, look for and pay for a parking spot, and wait in the long public entrance line to enter the courthouse.  We have helped clients with every type of traffic ticket from minor speeding tickets to reckless driving in all Clark County courts, including North Las Vegas Municipal and Justice Courts, Las Vegas Municipal and Justice Courts, Henderson Municipal and Justice Courts, Goodsprings Justice Court, Mesquite Municipal and Justice Courts and other small-town courts.  From years of experience, we know the small details in every court that can result in major savings to you. We charge a very reasonable fee to take care of your tickets so it simply does not make financial or legal sense to try and resolve your tickets without our assistance.  We can even handle your ticket via email if you live far from our office or cannot make it to our office during business hours. We have developed a system to make your ticket experience with our office quick and easy.

Bench Warrant – Failure To Appear

If you have failed to appear for a court hearing, most courts will issue a warrant for your arrest.  Sometimes the court will charge you an additional fee if you get a warrant. Our office can quickly resolve warrants so that you are not arrested at work, home, or other places in public.  If you have a warrant you should not go to court and try to resolve the warrant because you may be arrested. You should always contact a lawyer about your warrant. Mr. Barrus has 15 years of experience helping clients that have warrants.  Mr. Barrus knows the procedure for each court and judge and can explain to you how he can resolve your warrant, how long the process takes, and what you can do to avoid being arrested while the warrant is outstanding. Call our office for a free consultation.

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