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Slip & Fall

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Slip & Fall

Once again, the Las Vegas area has more hotels and casinos than any other metro area in the world.  That means there is a lot of flooring in those hotels and casinos that must be maintained in a safe and slip resistant manner.  When Hotels and Casinos fail to keep the flooring in a safe condition for the millions of guests who are walking in and out of the casinos there are going to be people who slip or trip and fall and become injured, sometimes seriously injured.  Other slip and fall cases happen at grocery stores, movie theatres, restaurants, gas stations, and other locations. Our office takes slip and fall cases seriously and we have access to experts and specialists who help us prove why the property owner was negligent and what they could have done to prevent the slip and fall or trip and fall incident.  We have obtained excellent results in and out of court on slip and fall cases that other lawyers did not want or did not know how to prove.

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