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Injured in a Car Crash

Driving a vehicle in busy cities, like Las Vegas, puts you in the path of thousands of other motorists who are trying to get to a certain place at a certain time.  With so many cars on the roadways with drivers of different ages, levels of patience, and driving experience means you will most likely be involved in a car crash due to someone else’s fault at some point in your life, sometimes multiple car crashes in your lifetime.  If you are injured as a result of a car crash, you need an honest and experienced attorney that can represent your interests and make sure you are fairly compensated for how your life is affected. Auto insurance companies have strategies and teams in place to try and pay you as little as possible for your injuries, pain, suffering, lost wages, stress, inconvenience, and other damages.  We have over 15 years experience handling car crash injury cases for clients and have handled cases against every insurance company out there. Mr. Barrus and his team of professionals will level the playing field with insurance companies and make sure your medical bills are paid and you are fairly compensated for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Injured as a Passenger

If you have been injured while riding as a passenger in a vehicle, you have certain rights and claims that drivers do not have.  It is critical that you hire an attorney with the knowledge, experience, wisdom, and street smarts to make all possible claims on your behalf.  Don’t trust your case to an inexperienced attorney or law firm. Mr. Barrus and his team of professionals have the experience and respected reputation to get you the best results for your case.

Injured as a Pedestrian

Every year the news headlines report horrible events where innocent pedestrians and bystanders have been injured due to the negligence or recklessness of people driving their cars without paying attention to pedestrians on the roadway. The most common scenario is a pedestrian getting hit by a vehicle while trying to cross the street or in some cases while walking on a sidewalk or riding a bicycle in a bike lane.  The negligence of others at public events such as concerts, sporting events, fairs, rodeos, carnivals, etc., also result in major injuries to those attending. If you have been injured as a pedestrian you need Mr. Barrus and his team of professionals to represent you and make sure your rights are protected and the negligent people and companies are held accountable. We will make sure all possible claims are made on your behalf and provide you with professional and aggressive representation.

Dog Bite

Unfortunately, there are aggressive breeds of dogs and other animals that attack people without provocation.  Negligent pet owners, home owners, and apartment complexes allow animals to roam without a leash and without proper supervision and innocent people, sometimes small children, are often bitten and attacked resulting in injuries, hospital bills, and permanent scars.  If you are the victim of a dog bite or animal attack, our office is here to help. We have represented many clients in these situations and have obtained excellent results and fair compensation for the trauma and injuries they have suffered. Call our office today for a free consultation.

Injured in a Casino

Nevada has more hotels and casinos than any other state and it’s not even close.  Las Vegas alone has 170,000 Hotel rooms, which is more than New York City and more than Orlando (Disneyworld).  Hotels and Casinos have a duty to protect their guests from harm by making sure all hotel rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, convention halls, and other public venues  are safe and clean. Yet, every year, many people are injured in hotels and casinos in Las Vegas because the Casino owners and their employees fail to clean up spills and leaks and fail to take actions to prevent bed bugs, contaminated water and food, and other dangerous conditions on their properties.  Mr. Barrus and his team of professionals have represented many clients who have been injured in hotels and casinos and can help you recover fair compensation for your injuries.

Wrongful Death

One of the saddest situations I have dealt with as a lawyer is meeting with the family members of loved ones who have been killed due to the negligence of another.  Most often this involves a terrible car crash, but other horrific events have also led to innocent people losing their lives due to the negligence and recklessness of others.  The October 1, 2018, shooting at the Mandalay Bay Country Concert Festival took the lives of many innocent people and forever changed the families of those who were killed. In Nevada, the law allows the surviving family members and the Estate of the deceased individual to make claims against the negligent person or company that caused the wrongful death of your family member.  It is critical that you have an experienced attorney who not only knows the wrongful death law in Nevada, but one who has firsthand experience representing families in this sad situation and will seek all compensation available. I will explain your rights and give you professional, compassionate, and aggressive representation.

Slip & Fall

Once again, the Las Vegas area has more hotels and casinos than any other metro area in the world.  That means there is a lot of flooring in those hotels and casinos that must be maintained in a safe and slip resistant manner.  When Hotels and Casinos fail to keep the flooring in a safe condition for the millions of guests who are walking in and out of the casinos there are going to be people who slip or trip and fall and become injured, sometimes seriously injured.  Other slip and fall cases happen at grocery stores, movie theatres, restaurants, gas stations, and other locations. Our office takes slip and fall cases seriously and we have access to experts and specialists who help us prove why the property owner was negligent and what they could have done to prevent the slip and fall or trip and fall incident.  We have obtained excellent results in and out of court on slip and fall cases that other lawyers did not want or did not know how to prove.


  • Injured while driving a car
  • Injured while driving a Motorcycle
  • Injured by a Semi-Truck
  • Injured by a bus crash
  • Injured as a pedestrian
  • Injured as a passenger
  • Injured in a Uber/Lyft
  • Injured in a Taxi Cab
  • Wrongful Death


  • DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Hit & Run
  • Domestic Violence
  • Possession of Drugs
  • Robbery/Burglary
  • Assault
  • Soliciting Prostitution
  • Casino Marker Crimes